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Toledo, OH  43617

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Our mission is to establish a standard of superior quality products and services, responsiveness and reliability.



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Supplies and Services

Working through strategic partnerships, Precision can meet ALL of

your facility cleaning and maintenance needs. We strive to offer our

customers the most innovative and cost effective solutions available

while maintaining the highest levels of service and performance. Our

access to industry leading resources and literally thousands of products

allows us to customize the most efficient and effective programs and

processes for your facility.

Education Resources

  • On-site and online training
  • Employee continuing education
  • Compliance training


Service Support

  • Dedicated support personnel; sales,

customer service and delivery

  • Next day delivery
  • No minimum orders


Online Capabilities

  • Online custom catalogs
  • Electronic user based ordering
  • Administrative spend controls
  • Electronic invoicing

Based in Toledo, OH, Precision has the desire and flexibility to meet your

specific needs!